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Colorful square


 Colorful square assembling 4 seats 

Tongue style


What a nice tongue… Ready for a nap ?

Warm & Rustic


Rustic style for this warm set of 4 seats 


one-seat sofa with round rattan


Superb … Stable … Sustainable

Turquoise cushion


 Beautiful turquoise cushion with light cream sofa …

Collection April 2018


New set of sofas with nice rattan . Your furniture will look so great !!

news today

date : 30 Nov 2013 we have new collection of rattan.




(Thailand) Washing Rattan Furniture.


Rattan furniture is easy to maintain :

May from time to time want to clean your rattan furniture ?

Wet lightly with a mild soap, then dry in the sun or wind or wipe it with a dry tissue
Do not use strong chemicals to wipe the rattan. 

This Rattan And it is sustainable and long lasting.


What we should consider when we buy Rattan Furniture



Rattan furniture is woven by skilled artwork Hand made, Nowadays it is difficult to find the people who has such this kind of skill.
The skill and experience is key of making nice Rattan furniture.

Buying Rattan Consider the following:

The design dimension . 
Buying Rattan Should measure the space before buying  in order to have  the right size for the area you have. 
           The chair you should test by sitting to know the height and depth that comfortable for you,  armrest is fitted or not.
           Some nice design  but it may not comfortable when you sit  it. !!!
 Rattan fiber  is very essential . Should select the furniture made by the Polyethylene (PE) rattan . It is known for quality.
Have a lifetime warranty . Tested chemical And physical toughness and durability

Rattan Garden Furniture – Relaxing Comfortably Outdoors.

DB-1005-A rattan garden furniture DB-1021-C rattan garden furniture LV-0094. LV-0008

 For gardens that want to make the most of beautiful days, choosing the right Rattan furniture set is key. Our variety of Rattan garden furniture sets are lightweight, hard-wearing, and weather-proof. Whether you have a spacious garden that’s perfect for entertaining, our Rattan sofa sets will ensure your outdoor space is the place to wile away gorgeous summer days. For those with the smaller patio or balcony space, we have a compact range of two-seater sets and unique hanging pods which work perfectly in the space they have available. Other Rattan furniture in our range includes cubed seating, perfect for keeping gardens looking neat, and a range of Rattan Daybeds and loungers – made for recreating the much-desired holiday atmosphere in the comfort of your own garden. Whatever your requirements, you can be sure that Modern Living has the right piece of Rattan furniture to brighten up your outdoor space.


Rattan Furniture Contact

rattan4ever Co.,Ltd  Showroom and Factory :

109/1 Krungthep-Non 8  – Krungthep-Non road – 11000 Nonthaburi

109 / 1 ถนนกรุงเทพนนท์  8  – ถนนกรุงเทพนนท์   – 11000 นนทบุรี

Open everyday 9 am- 7pm
Mobile +66(0)84-555-9020 

website: www.rattan4ever.com
facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Rattan4ever

email: contact@rattan4ever.com

Rattan4ever Showroom NONTHABURI


Welcome everybody to visit our Rattan4ever Showroom and factory. We have new original collection of rattan.

109/1 Krungthep-Non 8  – Krungthep-Non road – 11000 Nonthaburi

109 / 1 ถนนกรุงเทพนนท์  8  – ถนนกรุงเทพนนท์   – 11000 นนทบุรี


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Rattan  Manufacturer Poly Ethylene (Polyethylene) is a vision of natural wicker. Robustness Withstand all weather conditions (-70 to 80 degrees Celsius), high flexibility, it does not tear or crack simple framework. 

The artificial rattan is made of poly-ethylene (Polyethylene).

Rattan is made available in the market. With both Round And a flat line To ensure proper implementation of design furniture. Currently, the furniture produced from rattan is made from a very high market demand. The furniture is made of rattan, really need it. Are inadequate to the needs of the market in the last 4-5 years, so the production company. Rattan occurred more To produce artificial rattan furniture factories Instead of the real rattan farmers.

Rattan Furniture

Furniture Rattan  has been widely available in many colors makes for a comfortable look. When decorating a home, restaurant, then to make sense of relaxation as well. Currently available either made from natural and synthetic rattan. Manufactured with modern technology A variety of designs. Can Follow us on  Facebook  and  Youtube  with one channel


You can visit the showroom & Factory

109/1 Krungthep-Non 8  – Krunthep-Non road –  11000 NONTHABURI  opens daily from 9:00 am – 19:00 pm

Email:  Contact@rattan4ever.com   Tel : 084-555-9020