What we should consider when we buy Rattan Furniture



Rattan furniture is woven by skilled artwork Hand made, Nowadays it is difficult to find the people who has such this kind of skill.
The skill and experience is key of making nice Rattan furniture.

Buying Rattan Consider the following:

The design dimension . 
Buying Rattan Should measure the space before buying  in order to have  the right size for the area you have. 
           The chair you should test by sitting to know the height and depth that comfortable for you,  armrest is fitted or not.
           Some nice design  but it may not comfortable when you sit  it. !!!
 Rattan fiber  is very essential . Should select the furniture made by the Polyethylene (PE) rattan . It is known for quality.
Have a lifetime warranty . Tested chemical And physical toughness and durability